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"You're About to Discover the 5 Steps

for Overcoming Addiction That will

Transform Your Life - Forever!"

When it comes to help for addiction, mainstream recovery likes to talk about the success rate of conventional treatment; I want to talk about why the 60 million plus, who are addicted, don't need it!

Yes, you read correctly, they don't need it!

Did you know that The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism's 2002 National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol concluded that 75 percent of those who recover from alcoholism do so without any treatment whatsoever? But, this statistic is by no means limited to overcoming alcohol addiction. I have proven, time and time again, not just in theory but in practice as well, that it applies to all types of addiction.

Therefore, I can say, emphatically and without any hesitation whatsoever, "You can beat addiction, and transform your life, without ever leaving home!"

So, how about you? Are struggling with overcoming alcohol, drug or food addiction?

Do you feel trapped in a life of unhappiness, pain and habitual behavior?

Have you tried overcoming your alcohol or drug addiction with conventional treatment or Twelve-Step Programs, only to relapse over and over again?

Have you tried to overcome your emotional eating or food addiction with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or Overeaters Anonymous, but the carbohydrates, sugar or high-fat foods always seem to overpower you and take control of your life?

If you're like most, perhaps you've decided to forgo conventional treatment altogether in an effort to avoid public and professional exposure? I can certainly understand that!

Are you confused and completely perplexed about how to overcome addiction?

Are you frustrated with not being able to find happiness, purpose and meaning in your life?

Are you fed up with being overwhelmed by anxiety, depression and emotional distress?

Are you tired of leading a dual existence; one that includes a successful career and another that is riddled with alcohol, drug or food addiction?

Are you ready to end your addiction and create the life you've always wanted?

That's why you're here, right? You want to overcome your addiction, but you just don't know how to achieve it. Well, I'm glad you decided to stop by because I'm going to show exactly what to do to end your addiction, forever! You see, whether you've tried conventional treatment and were unsuccessful, or you have elected to forgo treatment to avoid public exposure - It doesn't really matter! You can beat addiction, and transform your life, without ever leaving home! But, the crisis you've found yourself neck deep in goes way beyond just overcoming addiction. You see, it's also about eliminating anxiety, depression and emotionl distress. And, it's about restoring self-esteem, personal power and personal identity. And, without question, it's absolutely about finding true meaning and purpose in life. So, if you want to truly achieve addiction freedom, you're going to have to embrace a path of personal growth and evolution. You see, I personally know that you can overcome addiction. And, I also know that you can accomplish it without conventional treatment or ever attending a single Twelve-Step Program meeting!

I know this because I've spent the past seven years researching addiction, coaching clients, and perfecting The 5 Steps to Addiction Freedom! And, I'm going to share them with you. You see, I've taken the same time-tested and proven steps that I've used in my coaching practice for the past 7 years, and I've jam-packed them into a Free, 58 page, Addiction Freedom Blueprint Unlocked E-Course! ($49.00 Value) My E-Course shows you exactly what to do, step by step, to beat your addiction, and transform your life, without ever leaving home! So, you won't find what I'm going to teach you in any formal treatment programs or anywhere else on the planet-for that matter!

Even if you've tried other programs, this is the ONLY TRUE addiction recovery approach on the planet that "breaks the mainstream mold" by showing you how to beat your addiction without rehab, 12-step meetings or counseling - Period! But, my 5 secret steps go way beyond just beating self-destructive behavior. I'm going to show you how to restore your personal power, unlock your personal identity, and transform your life into an authentic masterpiece of happiness, purpose and meaning!

To get your free e-course just enter your first name and email address in the box top right, and you'll be on your way to a new beginning of addiction freedom, true life purpose and happiness!

The Conventional Approach to Overcoming Addiction

Sadly, conventional treatment defines addiction as a disease while mainstream psychology describes addiction as the body's need for a substance to avoid withdrawal symptoms. In my opinion, they're both wrong! Fact is; there is not a single shred of empirical evidence, to date, that even suggests addiction is a disease. And, if addiction is merely the body's way of avoiding withdrawal, then what is the reason addicted individuals choose to abuse substances in the first place. Surely, they're not avoiding withdrawal! The truth of the matter is; addiction is not a chemical dependency but rather an emotional one. Reduced levels of self-esteem, personal power and personal identity which are born and bred in patterns of family dysfunction lead to emotional and mental suffering. When anxiety, depression and distress reach critical mass, many folks use substances and compulsions to alleviate that mental suffering.

Does this resonate? I'll bet it does! Start connecting the dots right now! I'm will to wager the last time you abused a substance or engaged in compulsive behavior that your level of anxiety, depression or emotional distress was off the charts!

In my opinion, addiction is not, has never been, nor shall it ever be a disease. I have proven this time and time again. Addiction is a choice, or what many view as a solution for temporarily removing emotional pain! Someone that is suffering from addiction merely has an emotional dependency to a substance or compulsion. This temporary solution, though, quickly becomes a trap because the body and mind adapt. Hence, you require more and more of a substance or compulsion to alleviate the mental suffering! However, if you understand why you made this choice in the first place, you can make another by choosing a solution that will remove the pain, permanently! Yes, there is a solution - one that you can work through in the privacy of your home, and one that will give you what you truly desire - freedom and happiness!

Traditional Programs Fail in Excess of 90% of the Time!

Experience has taught me that the conventional approach is fundamentally amiss because formal treatment programs attempt to defeat the symptoms of addiction rather than address the core issue. The majority of all treatment programs offer a group recovery approach as the primary or secondary modality. Unfortunately, these groups are often counterproductive to recovery and leave the individual at risk for continued relapse.

Recovery groups place a great deal of emphasis on spirituality, powerlessness, and the emergence of a person's sense of soul. They claim many of the steps of the twelve-step program to be paradoxical. Concluding that you are powerless, but like magic, you some how become more powerful! The goal of the program is a spiritual awakening although they often admit that most people find it difficult to make this connection because they feel victimized by someone else's behavior. Experience has taught me to conclude that admitting you are powerless when it comes to overcoming addiction does not promote empowerment, and nor does it restore self-esteem - crucial elements required for addiction Freedom! In my opinion, many of the twelve steps are not only unnecessary, but they are also counterproductive to making a spiritual connection, increasing self-esteem, and overcoming addiction.

Coventional treatment programs strive to address the symptoms, but that's the wrong approach. How can you overcome the symptoms without curing the cause? You can't! And since you can't, taking that approach to recovery is the equivalent of putting a band-aid on the problem. When it comes to alcoholism, being sober is one thing, however, being free is another matter altogether. Transferring your alcohol addiction to another addiction is not freedom. This is commonly referred to in the field of psychology as a behavioral transference. Sure, sobriety can be achieved through this approach, but, in reality, those who find it are merely trading one mask for another. And, in my opinion, they are, essentially, committing themselves to a personal prison. In my mind, that's not freedom!

The Root Cause of Addiction

Truthfully, addictive behavior is a symptom of underlying emotional trauma. Various patterns of toxic and dysfunctional behavior cause anxiety, depression and emotional distress. When that distress reaches critical mass, theose who are addicted use substances and compulsions as a means of emotional escape. Therefore, when you eliminate anxiety, depression and emotional distress, and you correct the underlying patterns of dysfunctional and toxic behavior, habitual behavior becomes repulsive. Bottom line, addiction is nulfied and rendered insignificant!

Think about where your at right at this very moment, and then think about how much better your life could be!

What if.... you could beat addiction and end months or even years of unhappiness without ever leaving home?

What if.... you could eliminate your anxiety and/or depression and achieve lasting inner peace and contentment?

What could launch your self-esteem into orbit and obtain true, unstoppable confidence?

What if...... you could uncover your personal identity and live one truly magical and authentic life?

What if.... you could unlock your true purpose and create a life that's filled with happiness, love and abundance?

Would you like to learn the secrets of addiction freedom,

true life purpose and happiness?

Gain FREE instant access to my powerful e-course, and you'll learn these secrets.....

1. The real cause of addiction and how to overcome it

2. How to dowse the flames of anxiety

3. How to eliminate the overwhelming effects of depression

4. How to find inner peace, contentment and happiness

5. How to skyrocket your self-esteem and re-discover self-love

6. How to uncover and establish your personal identity

7. How to unlock your true life purpose (It may not be what you think)

8. How to awaken your personal power

9. How to shift your mindset from habitual behavior to selfless behavior

10. How to create a life filled with happiness, purpose and meaning

You want a life that's filled with happiness, meaning and purpose more than anything else, and you should! You deserve to be happy! So, don't let happiness elude you for even one more moment! You see, addiction is not a disease! It is a choice! So, regardless what success or failure you've had in the past, you can overcome your habitual behavior and find true happiness!

There's absolutely no cost or obligation to you, just the help you need!

My free e-course is available via instant download, so.......

Enter your first name and email address and you'll be on your way to overcoming addiction and transforming your life in a matter of minutes!

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What People Are Saying About the Addiction Freedom

Blueprint Unlocked E-Course!

Dear David,

I have just finished reading your great non-AA e-guide and altogether I am awesomely pleased with your information. This information is/was very timely and I will read it a number of times as I practice its contents. I have been waiting all my life (55 years) and 12 in house recovery programs that had their value but missed their target. Now I have the most hope I have ever had. I can hardly wait to share your guide with my friends and my 2 sisters. I might be 55 now but for the first time in my life I have information that will get me out of the quicksand of my past and finally allow me to spread my wings greater than I ever have while filling my lungs with pure, clean hope as I start to learn how to smile again inside. Your contribution in kindness and reality are truly cherished and appreciated.

With Respect,


Dear Mr. Roppo

I downloaded your Addiction E-Guide yesterday, and read it last night. I find it refreshingly encouraging. I have 3 major addictions that have enslaved me for years; compulsive gambling, an eating disorder (Bulimia), and the newest one, problem alcohol consumption. Thanks to you, I now realize what the underlying issues are that left me with no self-esteem, confidence, or sense of self. I still don't know who I am. I am trying now, at 40 years of age to find my identity. For the first time in my life, I feel like there is hope that I can lead a normal, happy life!



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