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"How to Quit Smoking in 60 Days


A Real 5-Step Solution without the Drugs, Patches, Gum, Hypnosis, or Nonsense!

What if… a smoking cessation expert could show you how to

crush your last pack of cigarettes, quit smoking, and walk

away forever, without using psychoactive drugs, patches,

gum, or hypnosis?

Dear friend,

Of course you want to stop smoking. You want to quit smoking more than anything else, and you should! But, you just don't know where to turn! If your like most, you may have tried patches, gum, Chantix, Zyban and/or hypnosis only to find yourself right back in the clutches of nicotine addiction! You know that it's unhealthy to smoke, but you just can't seem to stop!

Intrigued? Please keep reading!

You wake up one day and you realize that the negatives of your smoking have begun to out way the positives of it. What you once thought to be a solution for removing your emotional distress has now become a trap. You know that your behavior is unhealthy, but you're afraid to give up your crutch because if you do your emotional distress will worsen, and you just don't know if you can cope without it! Well. I'm here to tell you that there is a better solution for removing the emotional distress and overcoming your nicotine addiction; one that you can work through in the privacy of your home!

How to Overcome Nicotine Addiction

Overcoming your nicotine addiction is really all about removing the source of your emotional distress, isn't it? If you could remove the anxiety, nervousness, and emotional distress you wouldn't need to alleviate it with the psychoactive substance called (nicotine?) Unfortunately, most psychologists, psychiatrists, and smoking cessation specialists still believe that nicotine addiction is a chemical co-dependence and/or a learned, problematic behavior that must be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy and anti-depressants (Zyban), and partial nicotine agonists (Chantix.) However, I have a different take on nicotine addiction, and I have proven time and time again that it's not a chemical co-dependence. And, I believe that treating it as such is not only counterproductive to smoking cessation, but it prevents people from addressing the root cause of nicotine addiction.

Why Smoking Cessation Programs Fail in Excess of

90% of the Time!

My experience has taught me that the mainstream approach to smoking cessation is fundamentally amiss because formal programs attempt to defeat the symptoms of nicotine addiction rather than address the core issue. The majority of all smoking cessation programs combine nicotine replacement therapy (nicotine patches and gum), psychoactive drugs (Chantix and Zyban) and/or cogitative behavioral techniques as the primary and secondary components of their modality. Unfortunately, these approaches are often counterproductive to overcoming nicotine addiction since smoking addiction is neither a chemical co-dependence nor a learned behavior! It's a choice!

My "How to Quit Smoking in 60 Days E-system" streamlines the smoking cessation process by overcoming it in five easy to follow steps. Unlike the traditional smoking cessation models, it defines the core issue, and it shows exactly how to overcome nicotine addiction. It eliminates the counterproductive approaches of the failed smoking cessation philosophy and replaces them with steps that eliminate emotional distress and restores self-esteem - a vital and necessary component to smoking cessation!

Most self help books and treatment programs strive to address the nicotine addiction itself, but that's the wrong approach. How can you overcome the symptoms without curing the cause? You can't! And since you can't, taking that approach to smoking cessation is the equivalent of putting a band-aid on the problem.

Smoking is a symptom of underlying emotional distress and anxiety. Therefore, when you fix the root of the problem smoking becomes repulsive. Instead, the mainstream philosophy for smoking cessation has followed a pattern of bombarding people with multiple theories and confusing psychobabble, neither of which addresses the root cause.

Three Dangerous Mistakes that People Make about

Smoking Cessation

1. Approaching smoking as a chemical co-dependence

Accepting the theory that nicotine addiction is a chemical co-dependence is not only counterproductive, but it actually prevents most people from uncovering and confronting the root cause of addiction.

2. Believing that nicotine addiction is just a habit or learned behavior

Believing that nicotine addiction is just a habit or learned behavior encourages most people to believe that cognitive behavioral modification will lead to smoking cessation, and nothing is further from the truth. Brushing your teeth every morning is a learned behavior and a habit too! But, ask yourself a question; which one would be easier to walk away from? There's a reason why you've found it hard to quit smoking, and until you address it nothing will change!

3. Believing that smoking cessation requires will power

When the root cause of nicotine addiction is uncovered and confronted smoking becomes repulsive. Therefore, overcoming nicotine addiction has absolutely nothing to do with willpower whatsoever!

If you've found yourself trapped in nicotine addiction, or you've relapsed this may be why!

These strategies don't work!

Now at this point you may be asking yourself a question. How could achieving permanent smoking cessation be that simple? Well, nicotine addiction is not the complex chemical co-dependence that the medical community has deemed it to be. In fact, it is not a chemical co-dependence at all! Smoking is a choice, or what many view as a crutch to alleviate their underlying emotional distress and anxiety! However, this temporary solution quickly becomes a trap because the body and mind adapt, and more and more nicotine is needed to alleviate anxiety and calm nervousness!

However, if you understand why you made this choice in the first place, you can make another by choosing a better solution that will remove the emotional distress, permanently! Yes, there is a better solution! One that you can work through in the privacy of your home, and one that will give you what you truly desire, a happier, healthier, smoke free lifestyle!

You want to lead a life that's happier, healthier, and smoke free more than anything else, and you should! You deserve it! So, don't let a smoke free lifestyle elude you for even one more moment! You see, smoking is not a disease! It is a choice! So, regardless what success or failure you've had in the past or how hopeless you may feel about the prospects of a smoke free lifestyle, you can achieve it in just 60 days!!!!

Above and Beyond Overcoming your Nicotine


Let's face it; you want to quit smoking, right? But you also want something that goes above beyond smoking cessation; a healthier, happier, smoke free lifestyle! That's why you're here!

What if you could do more than just overcome your nicotine addiction?

What if you could have the happy and healthy lifestyle you've always wanted?

Can you afford to throw away six months, a year... or even LONGER... and continue a life of nicotine addiction, emotional distress, anxiety and unhappiness... just because you didn't know how to quit smoking?

How long can you afford to stay on this path of emotional distress and nicotine addiction? Do you really want to continue to undermine your health, stain your teeth, your hands, and saturate your clothes and living space with the foul stench of cigarette smoke? Do you want to continue to be frustrated, unhappy, anxious or depressed when you could be healthier, happier, and smoke free?

Well, there is some good news here... I personally know that there is something you can do about it!

You can quit smoking, and you can create a positive change in your life! In fact, you can lead the happier, healthier, smoke free lifestyle that you've always wanted!

And how do I know this?

Because four years ago I set out on a quest to help people with addiction, and I have helped hundreds of people do just that! But, I have also spent the past 4 years researching, surveying, and coaching clients to develop an exact E-System that would show you exactly what to do to quit smoking, and how to lead the smoke free lifestyle that you've always wanted!

You see, I have unlocked the secrets of the root cause of nicotine addiction and the 5 secret steps to overcome it, and I have jam packed them into a system, so that I could share them with you!

Here's How I Can Help You Quit Smoking

Right Now……

I have just finished my new E-System "How to Quit smoking in 60 Days" It's a completely guided, 5-step smoking cessation program.

The How to Quit smoking in 60 Days E-System shows you exactly what to do to overcome your nicotine addiction and how to walk away from smoking forever!

This premium smoking cessation system is a 65 page compilation of over four years of research and proven techniques, which I have used to help hundreds of clients, overcome nicotine addiction! If you have been receiving my emails and free reports, I'm sure you've found them helpful and insightful in your addiction freedom quest. However, this e-system contains everything I haven't said in my emails, every technique I have ever used, and all of the new secrets I've discovered that are specifically targeted for smoking cessation, and I have packed them into a DOWNLOADABLE PREMIUM HOME SMOKING CESSATION E-SYSTEM!

Here are Some of the Secrets you are About to


1. The real cause of nicotine addiction and how to overcome it

2.Why psychoactive drugs (chantix and zyban) are not only ineffective, but they are also dangerous

3. How to quit smoking without Nicotine replacement therapy

4. What cravings really are and what causes them

5. Why you don't need willpower to quit smoking

6. How to make smoking become repulsive to you

7. How to walk away from smoking and never look back

8. Why some people smoke ocassionally, yet others can not

9. Why hypnosis is counterproductive to overcoming nicotine addiction

10. How to overcome the inner cause of nicotine addiction

11. How to make your urges to smoke dissolve on the spot

12. The Key component to abstinence

The How to Quit Smoking E-System is a

complete 5-step guide that literally walks you

through the following specific calls to action.......

1. Unearth the Root Cause of your Anxiety

2. Remove your Emotional Distress

3. Restore your Self-Esteem

4. Smoking Cessation

5. Change your Environment

No matter what the circumstances are, what types of programs you've tried, or how long you've been smoking, these components are the same! So, this program can work for anyone - regardless of the situation!

Take Control of Your Destiny!

Take charge of your future! Discover the secrets to overcoming nicotine addiction with the How to Quit Smoking in 60 Days E-System. This is not a book that you'll read and then toss on the shelf! It's not a book that is filled with a lot of fluff or psychobabble, which gives you wonderful theories to ponder, but no solution for overcoming your nicotine addiction. As a matter of fact, it's not a book at all, it's a direct, hard hitting, and effective system that will tell you exactly what caused your nicotine addiction, how to fix it, and most importantly how to live a smoke free lifestyle!

But, how can you be sure that the How to Quit Smoking in 60 Days E-system will help you? Well, you could take my word for it, but why not read some of the smoking cessation success stories?

Catherine B. Rowlett, TX

Catherine, a forty-nine year old accomplished author and mother of two, was losing her health, her happiness, and herself to nicotine addiction. Her problems started forty-two years ago when her father began verbally abusing her. When Catherine expressed her unhappiness with her father's hurtful behavior to her mother, she was rebuked and accused of being sensitive. In addition to her father's dysfunctional behavior, her mother was overtaken by severe depression and was later diagnosed with schizophrenia. Catherine was consumed by a world of dysfunctional behavior that continued for much of her life-even after her mother passed away. This dysfunctional behavior dealt a severe, crippling blow to her self-esteem and created her anxiety, fears, insecurities, and her ability to trust the flow of life.

My happiness and health were disintegrating before my eyes, and I had no idea how to fix it. I tried several smoking cessation programs, but after each one, I felt more hopeless about the prospects of a happy, healthy smoke free lifestyle. I found it difficult to believe that trading one psychoactive substance for another was the answer since I soon discovered that I was just as dependent on the patches, gum and chantix as I was smoking a cigarette! I always knew in my heart that there had to be more to the puzzle than these programs professed to. So, I kept searching for answers while I continued to struggle with smoking. I knew that my nicotine addiction was undermining my health, but I just couldn't seem to stop. When I found the How to Quit Smoking in 60 Days E-System on the web, I was immediately intrigued by David's concept because it seemed to address the root of the problem rather than substitute one substance for another. He gave me the missing puzzle piece and the key to unlocking a whole new happier, healthier smoke free lifestyle. I never realized that my anxiety and emotional distress was the core issue. He taught me how to liberate myself from that dysfunctional behavior and how to lead a smoke free lifestyle. I am no longer anxious, fearful and full of nervousness. Thanks to David, I have walked away from smoking, and I know that I'll never look back!

Tara A. Tampa, FL

Tara, a forty-nine year old clerk, has been plagued most of her adult life by low self-esteem, and a nicotine addiction. Tara's problems began forty-two years ago when her mother began controlling her, verbally abusing her, and inadequately parenting her. In addition to her mom's dysfunction, her father was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. As he struggled with his own emotional issues, her father frequently turned his love on and off like a light switch. After Tara's parents divorced, her father continued a pattern of showing his love selectively-especially when he wasn't involved in a relationship. As a result, Tara never knew if she was going to be loved or abandoned. This dysfunctional behavior battered her self-esteem and reduced her self-respect to a bottomless pit. To alleviate her anxiety, emotional distress, fear and nervousness she turned to smoking.

I really felt trapped, and I didn't know how to stop smoking! I knew that my nicotine addiction was running my life and affecting my health, but I couldn't stop. It seemed like the only time I was calm, unafraid, and at peace was when I was smoking! I wanted to lead a healthier, happier smoke free lifestyle, but I just didn't know how to accomplish it. I tried hypnosis, which seemed to help temporarily, but after several months my anxiety, nervousness, and fear returned. And, once again, I found myself smoking three packs a day! I also tried the nicotine gum, but found myself not only chewing the gum, but also smoking as well! When I read David's How to Quit Smoking in 60 Days E-System, I knew that his program was different, and I once again felt a sense of hope about leading a smoke free life!. David helped me restore my self-esteem by eliminating the anxiety, nervousness, and insecurities, which were at the root of my nicotine addition. He literally inspired me to discover a happier, healthier, smoke free lifestyle! In just fifty days, I walked away from smoking, and I have never looked back. I feel like a totally new person!

Let's say for some reason you don't buy this E-System.

Where will that leave you?

Will you quit smoking on your own using your current strategy?

Can you afford to throw away six months, a year, or even longer… and continue to allow your nicotine addiction to undermine your health and happiness?

Will you regret it if you don't take the necessary steps to quit smoking and discover a smoke free lifestyle?

Let me ask you this; what if my e-system helped you quit smoking in 60 days and helped you lead a healthier, happier, smoke free lifestyle?

What would that be worth to you? For most people I know, it would be priceless!

The question is; do you know exactly how to quit smoking? Or, are you going to let this opportunity slip by and never know what might have been?

Do you want to consider the chance that you'll continue to be living in a place of emotional pain, anxiety, and unhappiness? Or, do you want to get this area of your life in control and learn exactly how to overcome your nicotine addiction, so you can lead a happier, healthier, smoke free lifestyle?

Here's how you can start on the path

of being smoke free in the next 5 minutes!

The How to Quit Smoking E-System is available via instant download! You'll be reading the E-System and be on your way to achieving a healthier, happier, smoke free lifestyle in a matter of minutes!

Because I am offering you the E-System online, there's;

1. No shipping costs

2. No waiting for delivery

3. No risk of the product being lost in the mail

And, you will receive the plan at a lower price because it costs less to produce!

You can download the E-System right now!

I want to make sure that you have everything you need to

immediately guarantee the success of your efforts to

quit smoking, so if you act right now here's what

you'll get;

a The How to Quit Smoking in 60 Days E-System ($49.00 value)
a Bonus #1 The Getting Motivated E-Book ($49.00 value)
a Bonus #2 How to get what you want out of Life E-Book ($49.00 value)
a Extra special short term- bonus # 3:

For a limited time, I am offering my personal attention to you! If you act right now you’ll receive a free email consultation from the smoking cessation expert ($75.00 value). You will have the opportunity to get your questions answered, applying the 5 steps to smoking cessation material directly to your situation.

Consultation must be used within the first 30 days of purchase.


Getting Motivated

Are you one of those people who always put off things for later? Have there been times when you felt you lack the confidence and skill required to do a certain task? Well, you are not alone. This is a problem that almost everyone goes through at least sometime in their life.

"Get Motivated" is a 6 part e-course designed to motivate you in areas where you feel you fall short, and instill in you the confidence and self-belief to prevent you from putting off things for later.

Motivation will provide that inner drive you need to achieve what you aim for. So look no further! Step into the world of confidence-building and see your dreams turn into reality.


How to get what you Want out of Life

"How to get what you Want out of Life" is a 6 part e-course or e-book that is designed to help you strategize your actions for making great things happen! Learn how to change your beliefs and align your energy while putting into play strategies that will make things happen. Some of the most successful people in the world achieve great things because the first believe they can, and second because they had the right strategy! Complete this 6 part e-book and there's no telling what you can accomplish!

The quick and easy purchase process:

After clicking the purchase link, you will be taken to a secure paypal page. Click on the proceed to checkout button, which will take you directly to the paypal login page. If you already have a paypal account you will be directed to enter your email and password. If you don't have a paypal account simply click on the continue link to the left that states; don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available) continue. Simply enter your credit card information and billing address and click submit.

After the purchase is confirmed, you will be automatically sent to a thank you page, which contains the links to download the e-system and your two free bonuses. Once you have downloaded the e-system and bonuses, I recommend that you save them to your computer hard drive. This will allow you to reference the information as frequently as you'd like.

To take advantage of bonus # 3 simply email me with your questions, and I'll respond within 48 hours.

Important update:  You’ve arrived at this page at just the right time to take advantage of my special introductory price of $49.00, not to mention the 3 super bonuses (valued at over $173) that you will receive absolutely free of charge!

However, please be warned! I can’t offer super bonus #3 (the Free email consultation forever since I can only work with so many clients at one time. And, given the shear success of the e-system thus far, I will be overwhelmed quite quickly! Therefore, if you come back next week and special bonus #3 has been discontinued, and you have lost out on a $75 value, I am afraid there isn’t anything I can do……….


How to Quit smoking in 60 days E-System

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